Shoe Zone Walks Tall

M-Netics WMS enables Shoe Zone to pick over 750,000 pairs of shoes for its 800 stores and internet customers.

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Warehouse Management

M-Netics IM2 WMS is an Warehouse Management System (WMS) enabling complete supply chain integration by providing flexible control for all aspects of warehouse operation.It is a real time system with support for multi-site and multi-company requirements, making it ideal for e-Commerce, third party logistics (3PL) and consolidated operations.

The system supports all modalities of warehouse operations, using the latest mobile technology for accurate, rapid, handling and picking of goods.

IM2 WMS handles customised operational processes with ease, ensuring the system can be tuned to deliver the exacting demands of modern supply chains. A unique part of this is the mobile management console that enables managers and supervisors to leave their desks and make key decisions on the shop floor with real time information on picking performance, stock levels and even vehicle loading.