Mobile Retail Systems

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Architecture Options

The M-Netics retail system is available in 2 architectures:

  • Thin-client, fully on-line
  • Smart-client, synchronised data

The thin-client approach is very fast and has minimal network impact. This provides real time access to the data held in centralised or store-based back-end systems, directly on the mobile device. It requires a wireless network connection at all times to operate.

The smart-client approach provides a richer user interface and allows the device to operate when off-line. Advanced data synchronisation techniques are used so that whenever a network connection is available, the data on the device is automatically synchronised with the central server, with no user intervention required. When operating within RF network coverage this provides near real-time data visibility and updates.

When operating out of RF coverage, a smart-client can continue to operate, using partial or hot-spot coverage or a wired connection is available. Smart-clients can also function entirely via a mobile phone network. This is particularly useful when working in an environment where RF coverage is not possible such as in a concession in a host store, or an off-site or temporary stock area.