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Wireless Network Design

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Network Design

Successful wireless network design begins with a precise understanding of the requirements of the network users.

For example, mobile, but generally static users, such as those returning to a desk or set of stations to use a laptop will have less demanding roaming requirements than fork-lift truck drivers moving quickly through a large warehouse. Additionally, data only networks require a different design approach than a network set to carry wireless VOIP traffic.

Our engineers examine the requirements for the network and design a solution that delivers the best balance between coverage, performance, resilience, and cost.

Using the latest tools, wireless surveys are conducted to confirm the coverage and signal strength delivered by the proposed design and to determine the exact location of the access ports prior to installation and testing. All of our designs ensure that there is no single point of failure and that coverage overlaps to deliver a minimum level of signal strength.

For complex building configurations, the number of access ports and the type of antennas used are specified to provide the coverage and the level of resilience required.