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Real-time Data Communication

Mobile workers are dependent upon the tools that let them communicate with head office, customers, colleagues and host of other people. Without these tools the very practice of mobile working becomes invalid.

Chief among these tools is the mobile data device – be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or more sophisticated piece of proprietary hardware, it is no exaggeration to say they are the very enabler of modern mobile working. And for these tools to work correctly, they need fast, secure data communication.

M-Netics has amassed extensive experience in developing and deploying industry leading data communication solutions. Seamless roaming from WiFi to 3G and 100% guaranteed data transfer even in the poorest reception areas ensure connectivity throughout the working day.

Real time data transfer enables the rapid prioritisation of new jobs and re-routing to provide a more efficient route, and significant cost savings. Once the job has been completed on site, the time taken to invoice and send completed work documentation to the customer, head office and other involved parties is vastly reduced.