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Parts Management

When additional parts are required in the field, it can trigger a huge array of additional processes and effort to get the right piece of kit to the right location as quickly as possible. It can also have a profound impact on the profitability of the job being undertaken as staff have to revisit depots or spend time waiting for couriers. Add in the risk of inaccurate billing for the revised job and it is easy to see why parts management is so critical for many field service organisations.

IM2 makes adding parts to a job accurate and simple (irrespective of the use of barcodes), reducing missed billing and lost revenue. From an operational perspective, parts can be associated with a particular job type or repair making it easier for the user to identify the part and to ensure that only the correct parts are selected. In industries such as automotive or aeronautical field service this can be critical.

For operational managers, IM2 delivers automatic van stock replenishment, based on maximum and minimum stock levels, and van stock audits help to ensure the right parts are available for the right job every time.