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GPS Tracking

Two key drivers are propelling the use of GPS tracking for the management of mobile workers. Firstly there is the commercial issue of knowing where your workers and assets are in relation to the planned workload for the day. When this is presented in real time via Google maps for both internal use and customers, colour coded to confirm the status of each driver, including current speed and direction, a host of productivity and customer service benefits quickly follow.

Customers can be sent a link to see the vehicle en route to their location in real-time combined with smart text messages to inform them the driver is just about to arrive, eliminating time wasted on site waiting. Assets can be dynamically re-allocated to minimise the disruption caused by an emergency or to simply overcome issues such as one vehicle not having the right kit on board.

Secondly, the increasing legislation around mobile workers means that businesses need to know where their workers are and that they are safe – GPS tracking via IM2 provides instant updates on location and activity, delivering confidence and compliance.